Region of Choice Meeting – February 21, 2023

Based on early feedback, the discussion panel provided valuable insights that will be helpful in refining or creating ERG/BRGs that drive belonging and advancement for Black and Brown talent.

Key TakeawaysView program notes and some key takeaways from today’s meeting. Feel free to combine them with your own notes and share with others in your organization.

Handouts – Thank you to our panelist, Julia Smith, for sharing a template for ERG organizational structure, mission, and benefits.

Wellness Check Wednesday – As Walter Lanier mentioned in our meeting, he is a featured speaker in today’s We Exist program around Milwaukee’s African American Wellness Index. Learn more or register for the program here.

Resources Referenced – Here are links to the two books that were referenced during today’s discussion: 1) The New DEI and ERG Frontier and 2) Supercharge Your ERGs: 18 Tips to Power-Up Your ERG/BRG Strategy.

Connect w/ Panelists – Special thanks to our panelists for their insight and transparency.  Feel free to reach out and connect with them on LinkedIn:

Mark Your Calendars

Please mark your calendar for the following ROC Rep Meetings all to be held from 8:30am-10:30am virtually or location TBD:

  •     April 18 (virtual)
  •     July 18 (in-person)
  •     September 19 (virtual)
  •     November 14 (in-person)

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