How the nation’s largest black owned cause agency reaches the new American mainstream

Learn how CMR Ignite – a cross-cultural marketing agency made up of 70% Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQ+ professionals, to be a true representation of the communities their clients serve. CMR Ingite website:

  • Jaqueline Moore – Founder of CMR Ignite
  • David Bowles – President of CMR Ignite

The Evolving DEI Landscape: How data will help your business take actions that matter

In July of 2022, MMAC/M7’s first annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Summit featured Megan Connolly, Principal and Senior DEI Consultant at Mercer discussing the latest positive global DEI results, including how many organizations are making it part of their business strategy. She also offered insights into how businesses can translate their commitments into real progress.

4 Steps to Become A Talent Magnet, Starting Now

As megatrends continue to reshape the world of work, workers continue to consider their options and act on them at record-high rates, jumping to employers that better fit their values, skills and personal goals. New national research found nearly 50% of workers are contemplating quitting their current jobs in the next 6 months for these reasons. Research on the State of Working Women in Wisconsin conducted by Kane Communications Group mirrors the national findings.

Replacing or adding new employees can be just as costly as finding new customers for businesses. That’s why forward-thinking companies have their HR and marketing teams working together on their recruitment messaging to be more competitive.

In this presentation, attendees learned how to turn the trends driving the Great Resignation into competitive advantages, including a proven 4-step process to become a talent magnet.


Kimberly is CEO of Kane Communications Group, a purpose-driven branding, marketing and public relations agency that builds, activates and protects reputations for organizations around the world. Kane works with clients to solve employee engagement, recruitment and retention challenges by building research- and purpose-driven initiatives and programs. An Inc. Magazine fastest-growing private company in America, Kane was also a 2020 recipient of the MMAC’s own Fueling the Frontlines Award

Implicit Bias Test (Online): Project Implicit

Preliminary Information

On the next page you’ll be asked to select an Implicit Association Test (IAT) from a list of possible topics . We will also ask you (optionally) to report your attitudes or beliefs about these topics and provide some information about yourself.

We ask these questions because the IAT can be more valuable if you also describe your own self-understanding of the attitude or stereotype that the IAT measures. We would also like to compare differences between people and groups.