Recruiting Diverse Talent

Finding and attracting talent is more challenging than ever, whether that talent is in the Milwaukee Region or across the country.

Tap new talent pools

Throughout metro Milwaukee there are thousands of under-represented and under-served individuals looking for a first job, second chance or upskilling opportunities to join and advance in the workforce.

Employ Milwaukee
Provides workforce employment and training services to a wide variety of youth and adults. The Business Services & Solutions Team convenes Industry Advisory Boards to drive skills development and training, tailored candidate recruitment, customized hiring events, and innovative training solutions.  For Employers > | Re-entry programs >

The Way Out
A comprehensive anti-bias job platform, that aligns employers with qualified Justice Involved Job Seekers. The Way Out also provides the JIJS with additional services and technologies to help them integrate into their new roles successfully.

The largest nonprofit workforce development contractor with the State of Wisconsin. The Workforce Development Division consists of Wisconsin Works (W-2) Transitional Jobs, Transform Milwaukee Jobs Program, TechHire and the National Farmworker Jobs Program.

Transitional Jobs Collaborative
The Community Advocates Public Policy Institute has worked closely with Wisconsin lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to create and sustain Transitional Jobs, an employment strategy that seeks to transition people with labor market barriers into wage-paying jobs that allow low-income, unemployed men and women to do useful work and support themselves and their families. 

Milwaukee Inner-City Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH)
MICAH is a 501(c)3 non-profit consortium working to address issues of justice in Milwaukee, a city afflicted with radicalized and concentrated poverty. We are committed to training and empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

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