Building a diverse talent pipeline

Metro Milwaukee has a very diverse population, ranking it the sixth most diverse large city in the nation according to a recent study by Advisor Smith based on UW Census data.

And our population is rapidly becoming even more diverse.

  • Only 8 % of all Milwaukee students will earn both a high school diploma and college degree
  • 12% will earn a two or four-year degree within six years
  • 35% of Milwaukee jobs require a college degree and more than 60% require some post-secondary education

How do we prepare and develop the students we have today to be the talent we need tomorrow?

Getting more students to and through 2- and 4-year colleges are an important part of the solution. Providing internships to those students creates strong connections to local companies and helps develop your pipeline of future talent. Mentors help build a found a foundation for success.

Mentor programs

Mentor Greater Milwaukee builds the capacity of existing mentoring organizations matching a caring adult with children in need through safe, effective mentoring programs throughout Greater Milwaukee.

Internships and apprenticeships

All in Milwaukee is a coordinated collaboration of students, families, pathway partners, universities, advisors, and donor partners committed to providing comprehensive support including maximized financial aid, customized advising, and career readiness to ensure limited-income students complete college and matriculate into the Milwaukee workforce.

The Brand Lab‘s mission is to change the face and voice of the marketing industry, one city at a time. To connect local BIPOC talent with organizations committed to more equitable workplaces.

College Possible is among the largest nonprofit college access and success organizations in the U.S. We believe that by empowering students to access higher education and thrive through college in the face of broader systemic challenges, we can truly change the world.

MKE Fellows – The primary goal of MKE Fellows is the creation of a strong pipeline of young, African-American male college graduates ready to return to Wisconsin to excel in their careers, build wealth, and become engaged leaders. MKE Fellows seeks to develop groups of young men who are not only well-educated, but who provide servant leadership that will be emulated by others.

Through its Corporate Work Study Program, Cristo Rey high school students work for and earn a majority of the cost of their education — making a quality, college preparatory education possible for students who could not otherwise afford it. The resulting work experience, career exploration, mentorship, and networking students receive is invaluable in positioning them to succeed in college and beyond and puts them at a competitive edge against their peers.

GPS Education Partners helps students transition from the learning environment to the working environment by providing first-hand experience in meaningful technical careers. This early career exposure prepares students for life as working adults and creates opportunities for schools, businesses and communities.

i.c.stars develops leaders through a robust training program for underserved young adults. Be the change you want to see in the tech industry.

In Roads offers talented, underrepresented youth a pathway from high school to college and throughout their career that breaks through the glass ceiling and closes the opportunity and wealth gaps.

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